Pain Management Support

Everyone in our company, from our receptionist to your designated mSPECĀ® field service engineer, has one goal in mind–to help you maximize productivity. Sourcing mass spectrometry instruments or support services for pain management applications can be a daunting task but take comfort in knowing that you are not alone.

mSPEC has been successfully supporting the mass spectrometry industry since 1996. We can assist on your behalf to ensure optimum return of investment. We can answer your inquiries and guide you toward the most efficient and reliable strategy.

Our clients have access to:

  • Pre-owned certified mass spectrometer instruments & support packages. Everything you need to get started!
  • Method development, training & application support.
  • Boutique service coverage including, installation, repair and preventive maintenance.

To deepen your knowledge of mSPECĀ® pain management support services, please refer to